Monday, October 13, 2008

Google Map in Blogger Sidebar

I hope you've noticed the map at the right side of this blog. It is a live, interactive link to my custom map on google maps. It shows our route for the entire year of 2008. You can click on a placemark and see details, even a photo sometimes. Or, you can click on the link to 'View Larger Map', and it will take you to the full map on Google Maps.

My latest video ... still testing Camtasia ... is on how to put this map into the blogger sidebar. And, as long as I'm experimenting ... 'sharpening the saw' ... I embedded the video into my *other* blog called . I've had for quite a while, but have never decided exactly how to fit it in. It's a WordPress blog hosted by , whereas is hosted by I am a firm believer in not putting all my eggs in one basket! I use WiFiSavvy to learn more about WordPress, and to have a place to put more technology thoughts ... no travel/personal stuff.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it :-), is to visit Tutorial-video-google-map-in-blogger-gadgets and watch the video in both the .flv version (the first one) and the .swf version (the second one.) Leave me some comments if you see any difference. No, there is no pay for your services, but you do get the video for free! And my appreciation :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, There seemed to be little difference in the videos to me, although the second one had a couple of buffering pauses. Thanks for the opportunity to see this tutorial :)

Fred and Wilma said...

Hi Chris...I also do not see any difference in quality of your videos.

Great job teaching us.


Marilyn said...

The only thing I noticed was the 1st one ran slowly and the voice sometimes dragged (that may be an issue with my download speed) there were pauses in the loading process. It did not do that on the 2nd one. We are on an RV parks Wi-Fi (DSL) right now as couldn’t get through the leaves (Hiawassee, GA) on the trees (may not be a problem in a few days the wind blew a lot of them down in the last 3 days). Great teaching as usual. Can’t wait to see you guys in Tampa.