Monday, October 20, 2008

Wi-Fi, Florida, and New Zealand

We had a knock on our door this morning from a guest in the park, Kevin, who was having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. Jim wasn't here so I gave it a go. Sure enough, something was very wrong with his internal adapter. The indicator light was off. When I switched it on, the computer responded with the 'blue screen of death.' I tried several things and always got the same result. I gave up on his built-in Wi-Fi adapter, installed a USB adapter and got it to work.

Then Jim came home, I told him what I'd done and he said, "Let me take a look." He got the Blue Screen of Death too. But he has a deeper bag of tricks than I do. He proceeded to delete the adapter from the Device Manager, then let it reinstall itself and, voila! Everything worked just fine. A happy customer!

Then we got to chatting. Turns out Kevin and his wife are from New Zealand. They're traveling in the states by motorhome for 5-6 months and, so far, they don't think they like Florida very much. Oh no! Well, they were in Miami and got off at the wrong exit. They're already uncomfortable driving a 38 foot motorhome on the *wrong* side of the road and then, they find themselves in a traffic jam of crowds attending a Miami Dolphins football game! And, this was after having brake trouble in downtown Miami and having to get towed. What they were doing in downtown Miami I don't know! But I'm not surprised that they have a bad feeling about Florida so far. Kevin wants to go to the keys but his wife just wants out. I told them this is the best time to go to the Keys and you can get there by going *around* Miami using the Turnpike.

They both asked, "What's a Turnpike?" One of the best parts about traveling is meeting other travelers! I sure would like to travel around New Zealand by RV one of these days.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"What's a Turnpike?"

I like that one. Lets hope they give Florida a second chance.
I lived there as a teen and would like to move back for good, or at least during the winter.

Chris from Indiana