Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scuba Diving!

What a gorgeous day! Jim had all our gear ready because he tried to go out diving last week but the weather didn't cooperate.

Today was different!

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And the water ... oooh the heavenly water. It was a *perfect* 82 degrees. Visibility was about 50 feet. AND ... Jim caught 6 lobsters! We'll have a good dinner tonight. And, my Uncle John joined us for today's dive too. See a past video of kayak diving.
From Geeks on Tour blog 200810
When I'm scuba diving, I imagine that my skin is just soaking up all those natural minerals from the ocean water. I also am in a meditation mode while diving. It's so beautiful, so relaxing. Just floating in that warm water - no talking is possible - my mind has free reign! So, what am I thinking about? All the things I want to do with our Geeks on Tour website! I'm working on putting every article I've ever written into a blog post (the WordPress blog.) That way, you can search for anything and a list of articles will appear. Or you can view all articles by category or keyword. Jim says he wants to do podcasts. And, I'm determined to finish a complete new series of Picasa tutorial videos on the new Picasa 3. And we need to learn more about how to market our membership site with all the video tutorials. I came home and started reading my email - opened Kim Komando's newsletter. It mentioned that her radio show today was going to talk about making money online. I generally stay away from any come-ons for making money online because there are so many scams, but, I trust her and wanted to hear what she had to say. I needed an AM radio. I couldn't find one. I sat in the car and listened for a little while, until I felt too stupid. Then I thought I'd check the web. Within 5 minutes, I was listening to a live radio broadcast of the Kim Komando show on my computer. Check out if you want to try it. You can look up any radio station in the country by call letters. Geeez I love the web. Oh ... and here's what Kim has to say about using the web to both save and make money. Aha ... it's dinnertime! Now, that's fresh lobster
From Geeks on Tour blog 200810

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man...are you ever bringing things back plan is to be down in South Florida at the end of November but I just shipped off my regulater and computer to my sister...poor timing to be sure.

Ask Diane about the advertising...she has experience with that and hell if you have to discuss it over a beer I can't see that as a bad night.

I hope you pick up on traffic....I can't imagine why you wouldn't.

Hope you are well...maybe if someone can find me a reg and computer or at least an air gauge I might just join you for a dive. I can always rent one.