Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Alone

One thing about life on the road is that Jim and I are together *all* the time. While we're here in Fort Lauderdale for a while, we get to remember what *normal* life is like. We actually have some time alone. What a treat! and I say that in the nicest way :-)

Jim works in the office here (his work camping job) 3 days a week. I generally stay home and work on computer stuff. I know it makes him happy to get away from me, and I enjoy my time alone. When you're together as much as we are, you can even hear each others' thoughts. Ahhh, the quiet is nice!

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This time alone is what is allowing me to get some new videos made. I'm also doing some really weird things, like singing in a chorus with an old friend. That means that Jim even gets some time alone at home at night when I go to rehearsal.

Transportation can be a problem. We have our toad (towed car) ... I couldn't live this lifestyle without it. But, although one car is fine when we're in travel mode, we run into a few problems here. Like when a friend called and said, 'Let's do lunch' and I said, 'Sure' Then I realized that Jim was off with the car. Ooops So far we seem to work it out. I just schedule appointments on Jim's work days. He has to fend for himself for his commute.

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