Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FMCA Convention Days 1 & 2

The weather is beautiful, the RVs are plentiful and we’re having a great time at the FMCA International Convention in Bowling Green, Ohio.

There are RVs *everywhere*!! We took a bike ride and the rows of motorhomes just kept on going .. and going … and going ..

After 2 days of giving our seminars, we’re exhausted and exhilarated. It started at 7am Monday morning when we we were scheduled to take registrations for our hands-on Computer Boot Camp. When we did this at the last FMCA rally in Perry, GA we sold out in less than an hour and had to turn lots of people away. Some of those people are also at this rally and they were waiting for us (one said she was at our table at 6am!) Seems like we should have had some kind of prize for them … but I did get their picture:

The Boot Camp is held over the next 3 evenings – 5 to 7. Since this location is a University campus (Bowling Green State University) – we have a real classroom for it. What a wonderful facility. And, really good Wi-Fi!

Also on Monday we gave our High Speed Internet on the Road seminar. This one was also in an awesome room with theatre style seating and a full one-story high screen. And the acoustics … wow!

That was all the first day – we started at 7am and we got home about 9pm. Then we did it over again on Tuesday. Our first seminar was at 8am – all about Vista. I think we convinced most of the 230 people that Vista actually has a lot going for it – contrary to popular opinion. At 1pm we did our Picasa seminar – some of the people in the audience said this was the 3d or even 4th time they’ve attended this seminar of ours and they learn something new every time.

We are tired, but we don’t care. This is what we love to do. We are literally in heaven to have this kind of audience for our work. We love the FMCA for putting these rallies together and giving us the opportunity. Thanks to our sponsor, Tengo Internet, the Boot Camp registrations, and the people who buy our Videos – we even get paid! That’s the golden ticket.

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