Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The North Coast

Generally we think of the United States as having an East Coast and a West Coast.  One thing I’ve learned in our travels is that we also have a South Coast – provided by the Gulf of Mexico; and a North Coast – provided by the Great Lakes.



We’re here because one of our readers/members wrote us an email telling us about Erie Islands.  They said to be sure and take the ferry out to Put-In-Bay and see Perry’s Monument.  So, that’s what we did yesterday and it was great.  Thanks Jim and Barb!



Taking the Ferry from Catawba to Put-In-Bay.


This is a National Park Service, National Memorial: Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.  Quite a historic place.  On Lake Erie, near this spot in 1813, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry won the decisive battle of the War of 1812. But, the monument’s purpose is also to honor the lasting Peace that has existed among the 3 countries involved  in that war: United States, Canada, and England.  Did you know that the Canada/America border has been the longest  (4,000 miles) unarmed border in the world?  Although that is changing now.


I love learning history and, I gotta admit, I didn’t know much about the War of 1812 – other than the year it began :-).

From the exhibits in the Visitor Center, it sounds like it was a messy war – not all Americans were in favor of it.  War was declared against England partly in response to trade restrictions, and forced recruitment of Americans into Britain’s war with France.  It was also a war of expansion.  The US wanted the Indian’s land of the ‘Northwest’ (Ohio?!) and maybe even Canada.  The Indians aren’t mentioned in the International Peace … ?  And, Perry’s battle, ‘the Battle of Lake Erie’ was pretty gruesome.  His men suffered 80% casualties.


There’s an elevator to the top.


Great views


And the restaurants and tourist attractions were very ‘Island’ … it felt like being in Fort Lauderdale, or even the Keys.



Gorgeous day …

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Nick Russell said...

It's been mamny years since I've been to Put-In-Bay, I had forgotten how nice it is. I need to take Miss Terry there!