Friday, July 24, 2009

This Rally was our Personal Best

We presented all of our prepared seminars at this rally.  Seven titles (Internet, Safe Computing, Vista, Picasa, Blogger, Google Earth, and Photo Story) *plus* the 3-evening hands-on Boot Camp.  And we did good!  Even if I do say so myself :-) 


I believe in continual improvement, so at the end of every seminar we do I’m always reviewing what could have been better, and there’s always something … we missed teaching a crucial point, or we didn’t stay within our time limit, or we were too serious – didn’t get the audience laughing, or we just didn’t get the points across in an understandable way … or … or … or …


This time, when I did my mental review after each seminar all I could think of was, ‘that was good!’  It certainly helped that the seminar rooms were such professional quality:


Excellent acoustics, huge projection for displaying the computer screen, theatre style seating so everyone could see.  I would love to do more University campuses – it sure beats the Swine barn that we usually get at the Fairgrounds!


Even at our last seminar on the last day, we drew a pretty good crowd.  I feel like we have a few hundred new friends!


Even the hands-on boot camp went as well as could be expected.  That is a tough one to teach since everyone is at different levels and everyone has a different computer.  Some with Windows XP, some with Vista.  We even had one person with Windows 2000, and one with a Netbook.


We had a really good group – they were patient and studious and they used the tutorial videos on the DVD to their advantage (that’s what the headsets are for).  We couldn’t have done it without our helpers to keep an eye on everyone.  THANKS Roxie, Chuck and Honey!  ..and Tom the first night.


We didn’t get to see anything else that was going on at the convention since we were busy all the time – we hear very good things from the vendors we spoke to.  Most everyone had a great rally.  The final count was  2,425 family coaches.  And it only rained one day!


We did get to meet up with a couple friends.  We had dinner with Nick and Terry Russell on the last night and had a good time making plans for their Gypsy Gathering rally in Celina, Ohio the end of September.  Since we have all these seminars down pat now, we have to come up with something new!  We’re going to teach a Picasa and a Blogger, ‘Beyond the Basics.’ 


We also ran into Henry Gartner, aka Flakey the Clown.  Odie especially liked getting reacquainted with his bunny rabbit!


We’re relaxing this morning – getting ready to hit the road for a grueling 50 mile drive :-) to where we have reservations for a relaxing week at Erie Islands.  Their hot tub *better* be working!


Tom said...

I really enjoyed helping you and Jim on Monday night. I felt that it took all six of us to keep things working. My hat is off to you for jumping back and forth with instructing and assisting persons attending the boot camp. I also got a lot out of the Google Earth seminar that I attended.


Dennis & Carol said...


This is Dennis & Carol Hill ( We are up in Alaska and we set up a blog for people to enjoy. You helped us with Picasa and in turn we got the blog set up a lot better with pictures. Check it out at
We would appreciate your or anybodies comments. Again thanks for your help at the Escapade.

Chris said...

Wonderful Alaska pictures Dennis and Carol. Thanks for sharing them!