Friday, July 17, 2009

Ohio State Parks

We landed at a Passport America park that also happened to be an Ohio State park.


Nice place!  And, the weather has been so nice that we had dinner outside.



While Jim took over the motorhome with printing, folding and stapling tasks, I moved my office outside.



And, we were very happy to have Wi-Fi here!  I seriously think we would go well over our 5GB allotment on our cell phone this month without it.  I’ve been holding off on a 350MB Windows update file – finally got it done with the Wi-Fi connection.


While we were out running errands on Wednesday, we noticed that the new Harry Potter movie was playing in Celina.  We slowed down to see the showtimes and … it started in 5minutes.  Well, that was just too perfect.  So we had popcorn for dinner and watched a GREAT movie.


Off to Bowling Green tomorrow.

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