Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla

Have you ever noticed how the Google logo changes to commemorate special days?  Today it looks like:

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

When you hover over it, you can read ‘Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla and, when you click on it, it does a search for Nikola Tesla.


Jim and I often embark on animated discussions of the future of our computing industry.  We believe that we are in its infancy.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  Jim says, the lid will blow when we achieve free, universal power.  So, when solar power, or wind, or free electricity, powers everything – life as we know it will give way to life that is beyond our wildest dreams.


Nikola Tesla achieved that goal at the turn of the century.  The 20th century!  I wish he were here today.  The book I’m reading on my Kindle right now is “The Big Switch: Rewiring the world from Edison to Google”.  I swear it was yesterday that I got to the part about Tesla.  I’ve been a fan of Tesla for many years, but it seems just a bit amazing that I would be reading about him the day before Google throws him a birthday party.  Check it out, it’s something I think we all should know …


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Lewis and Clark Trail said...

Very powerful video; much more than a simple documentary about the accomplishments of an inventor.

That being said, I am curious to know what his adversaries would have said in response to what was said in the video.