Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lewis and Clark

One of our blog readers left a comment on yesterday’s post and I was intrigued by his username, ‘Lewis and Clark Trail’ – so I followed it.  Wow.  He starts today on a trip planned to follow the same route that Lewis and Clark did 200 years ago.  Check it out .. and you can follow along.


Reading about his plans reminded me of just how magical our life has been these last 6 years on the road.  I remember a time, long before we started this RV lifestyle, that having a few weeks to take a trip on the Lewis and Clark trail was a dream, a remote and exciting fantasy.  Now, it’s just one of the many things we’ve done! 


In our first year out, we  just happened to be going thru St. Louis, so we went to the Lewis and Clark museum.  Without actually planning, we happened to follow a lot of their route.  Here’s our 2004 map:



At least we definitely visited the beginning at St. Louis, MO and the end at Fort Clatsop, OR.


Here’s a few links to some old blog posts.  Deja Vu …


St. Louis, MO – June 2004

Idaho, deciding to follow the rest of the L&C trail – July 2004

Columbia River

‘Ocean in View, Oh the Joy’ July 2004

Meriwether Lewis Monument – October 2006


Marilyn said...

Thank you for reminding me to reflect on how blessed we are to be traveling fulltime. It is a magical life with new experiences at every turn. How very exciting. I so enjoy your blog !!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Lockridge said...

Thanks for the site reference. I shall certainly follow the Lewis and Clark adventure.


Lewis and Clark Trail said...

Aha! Finally figured out where all the traffic to my blog came from yesterday.

I reached St. Louis today, so I'll start writing about the trip now. In the meanwhile, thanks for mentioning me, and I'll try to make it worthwhile for the readers who come my way.