Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is this Heaven?

No, it’s New Jersey!


I know that New Jersey does not have a good reputation in general, but from my viewpoint – in our friend Jimmy’s driveway - it just doesn’t get any better.



Our schedule calls for 3 weeks here, so we’d made a pretty long list of all the work to be done while we’re here.  I’m working on websites – our own plus some clients'.  And Jim is responding to emails, orders, printing and mailing.  Our new ‘Beginners Guide to Picasa’ booklet has sold several dozen copies!  We’re actually working kinda hard.  But, I’ll bet our ‘office conditions’ beat anyone’s!!


We have plenty of time for fun, food, and friends too.


And, I never get tired of the sunsets here!


Anonymous said...

oooooo ahhhhhh
I think you have your funness cut out for you.
It looks wonderful

Arlene said...

Lucky you.. Enjoy!