Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Long, Long Trailer

The Long, Long Trailer is an old movie starting Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.  It should be required viewing for all people considering the RV lifestyle!  It’s hilarious because it’s so true.  Even today, the situations they portray are just as real.  We bought the DVD years ago and have played it when we were in charge of movie night at Peace River campground

Last night there was a special viewing of the movie here at the FMCA rally.  Hundreds of people came out.  That makes it so much more enjoyable when a full audience of RVers are laughing away!  If the only RV movie you’ve seen is RV with Robin Williams, you owe it to yourself to see the original.  I’ve written about this before – I like Long, Long Trailer much, much better!

And, Lucille Ball’s costume, worn in the movie was also on display – compliments of Debbie Reynold’s Hollywood Movie Museum.  Debbie Reynolds will be performing here tonight. Her son, Todd Fischer is an RVer from way back and he is CEO of the museum.  He brought the costume for display and gave a little insight.


I never get tired of watching that movie!  And, it was cool to get a little insight from Todd.  We happen to be parked right next to Todd here at the rally, and he showed us inside his rig.  OMG!  We thought we had a lot of computer equipment!  We’ve definitely been OutGeeked!  He has multiple terrabytes of archival film and a full editing studio.  oooooohhhhhh


Karen and Al said...

Is that a little envy I hear? We just recently watched that movie and you're right. It is hilarious.

Kathy said...

This sounds like a "must have!"

Marilyn said...

Another wonderful part of your RV lifestyle is getting to meet such interesting people. Probably something you wouldn't have been able to do had you not decided to be "Geeks on Tour"