Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wi-Fi Wow

We have good Wi-Fi Internet here in Lake Farm Park in Madison, Wisconsin.  That’s not so unusual in itself, but this is the 6th RV park in a row that has good Wi-Fi Internet.


Since some of these areas were not the best Verizon areas, the Wi-Fi was very much appreciated.  All of these parks had Wi-Fi that was also Free. The per night rates ranged from $16 to $35.  In case you’re traveling along this route and care about Wi-Fi, here are the specific parks:

Oh … and here’s the largest Buffalo:

I’m way behind on my web-work, but this traveling has been fun.  It’s been 7 years now of living in a motorhome, and I still get a charge out of stopping at a rest area and making a meal.  We are truly at home, wherever we are. 


Karen and Al said...

My husband was born in Jamestown, ND and when he was there in January he took a picture of that buffalo. When I saw your link about the largest buffalo, I just knew it was the same one. We hope to take the MH up there to visit his family some time soon.

Kathy and Robert said...

Whoa to the mighty Buffalo!
I just love your quote, "We truly are at home, wherever we are." That just warms my soul. K