Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stonehenge and Gabbing with Geeks

In our first year of travels, a blog reader noticed we were heading towards the Columbia River and suggested we stay at the Peach Beach campground.  We would enjoy camping by the river and a nice walk up a hill behind the campground.  Here’s what you find when you walk up the hill.  A full size replica of the original Stonehenge!  So surreal.  Here’s that blog post from 2004.

That was one of the first of many times that a blog reader has led us to cool stuff.  Believe me when I tell you that Every Traveler Needs a Blog!  Not only to record and share your experiences but to connect with others and learn from them as well.  So, when we knew we were going to be in Oregon again, we found a way to stop for a night at the same campground.  It was HOT, but just as beautiful as we remembered.

You have to look close, but you can see Stonehenge up on the hill, just above the RV.

Check out our ‘Gabbing with the Geeks’ which we filmed partly at the Stonehenge monument.  We also talk some about our new website at

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Kathy said...

I'm so grateful that friends in a forum introduced me to blogging for travelers and full-timers! We've learned so much thru "seasoned" bloggers! Can't wait to check out your new website! K