Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where the heck are we?


It’s amazing where you get to if you just keep driving!  This kind of travel is very unusual for us, but, as with anything unusual, it’s fun once in a while.  The map above is from our Streets & Trips plan.  #6 was the hot springs in Wyoming (last post), 7 was a Utah State park on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, 8 was any old park that had a vacancy in Boise, and right now we’re at #9 in Eastern Oregon.

We’re only staying one night at stops 7, 8 and 9.  We’ll be at number 10 (Thousand Trails – Sun River) for 2 or 3 nights before moving to the fairground in Redmond for the FMCA Convention.  We’ve crossed two time zones.

The countryside we’ve been traveling thru makes me feel so small and insignificant.  The wide open spaces and huge mountains are majestic and powerful.  I feel that all is right with the world when I’m in the mountains.  Nothing can harm them, and I am privileged to view them.

Wasatch Range to the East of our campsite.

Great Salt Lake to the West of our campsite.

Our campsite at Willard Bay State Park, Utah.


High Desert – Eastern Oregon

While we were at the hot springs for 2 nights, we published another of our ‘Gabbing with the Geeks’ videos:

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Kathy said...

You two are just too cute! I've learned so much from you! So, for that I say, "Thanks." Kathy