Monday, August 30, 2010

Odie the Night Owl

Too bad that Odie is 12 years old and fixed … he got an opportunity to sow some wild oats last night.

We took a drive to the drug store and the Dairy Queen (gotta keep our figures up :-) and got home about 8 I think.  As is customary, when we get home and open the door, Odie jumps up and runs out to greet us.  That’s one thing I so love about our RV … open the door and a doggie pops out!

He’s usually right at our heels as we climb up the steps and enter the RV.  We just assumed he was.  At 1:30 in the morning, when I got up with something on my mind that I need to work out at the computer,  I heard a sound that I thought was Odie.  When I looked for him, he wasn’t there.  I heard the sound again, and again I couldn’t find Odie.  I finally opened the door … and a doggie popped IN!  OMG – we left him outside half the night!  He’s so quiet!  You’d think he would have barked to get in at some point in time. 

hmmm – or maybe he was having too much fun?  He’s not talking.



Karen and Al said...

I'm glad you found him so quickly, you would probably have panicked.

Travels with Emma said...

I Emma popped out the door when I came home, that's probably the last I would see of her for hours! She'd be off and running. :)

heyduke50 said...

"He’s not talking." ... and neither is she!