Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Saratoga, Wyoming – Hot Springs

Thank you Microsoft Streets & Trips and the data files from Discovery Owners!  We used the pushpin set to look for hot springs and found a delightful little town at 7,000 feet in Wyoming – just 20 miles off Highway 80.  And the hot springs is … Hot!

Here’s that portion of our map.  Every little red marker represents a hot springs, then we use Streets ‘Find Nearby Places’ to find an RV park.  The number 6 represents our night’s stop: Deer Haven RV Park.


The *free* ‘Hobo Pool’ at Saratoga Hot Springs.  The water is minimum 108 degrees! 

And here’s where it flows into the stream outside the walls.

The hot water is held in by the piles of rocks and/or sandbags, but it mixes with the cold water from the stream to provide whatever temperature you want.  AAAAaaaahhhhhhhhh

And, the air temperature overnight is in the low 60s.  We visited the hot springs twice, once at night, once in morning.  Just delightful.

And, to top it off, there’s a fish hatchery just a couple miles away.  Back in my 30s, I made a point to visit fish hatcheries – I found that they were almost always in beautiful wilderness areas and had friendly staff more than happy to show you around.  When Jim and I started our current journey, we were thwarted in our efforts to visit Fish Hatcheries and gave up.  But, this hatchery has revived my interest in seeking them out.  Check out this view:

Jim is taking video here.  Once we get it edited, we’ll add it to this post.

Then, back at the campground, after watching the deer walk thru camp and the bald eagles fly overhead, we sat behind our rig on the banks of the North Platte river and watched the sunset.  OMG

Believe it or not, we actually were working most of the time we were here (the park has Wi-Fi – no Verizon data here.)  When you get to stay in the midst of such beauty, all you need is an hour or two break to be able to enjoy it.  I love my job!

We’re on our way to Redmond, Oregon where we’ll be presenting 8 seminars at the FMCA Convention.  Anyone can attend our Picasa seminar because they’ll be doing a live Webcast of it – mark your calendars for August 11.  Click here for times and details.


Ron and Thelma said...

Look's like the sunset was painted with a brush What bueaty

Kathy and Robert said...

Love, love, love the sunset pic! Wow what God can do with a paintbrush!
Marking my calendar for Aug. 11.