Thursday, February 21, 2019

Arthur's Pass and Valley of the Gods

Up and over the Southern Alps!

It's a good road, she said. It's an easy road, she said. And, you have to go that way because you must see the place I call Home of the Gods.
Well, it was a good road, and it may have been easy for a car, but our rented motorhome was struggling. It got really steep right before the top of the pass. Jim had the motorhome humming steadily along - but I think his gas pedal foot was on the floor. Then the truck in front of us slowed way down, so we had to do the same. You could hear the motorhome's engine winding down. Come on baby, you can do it, come on.
Nope. It stalled and stopped. Uh Oh.
We all held our breath, not saying a word, while Jim did the only thing you could do - restarted the engine, put it in gear, and stepped on the gas. It worked! All was fine. We exhaled and made it over the crest.

OK, we will get to see this Home of the Gods place after all!
We do feel like Gods here! Thanks to Melinda for taking this great shot!

Melinda has been here before. It was great to have her for our tour guide.

What a view from here, and the clouds are even god-like
See the whale?
It's hard to capture the scope of this place

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