Saturday, February 16, 2019

Inter-Island Ferry from New Zealand North Island to South Island

When we made the arrangements for renting the motorhome in New Zealand, we decided that we wanted to do some travel in both the north and the south. That meant picking up the motorhome in Auckland and dropping it off in Christchurch. We could make the reservations for the ferry oursleves, but I was happy to let the motorhome rental place (Wilderness) do that for us. I is high season here in New Zealand, and things get booked up. they know what to do. So, they told us to be there no later than 4pm on the 15th of February. We only had an hour drive. We thought we may explore Wellington a bit, but there really wasn't enough time to do that comfortably, so we just found a place to park, and used the Internet to get some work done until time to drive onto the ferry.

Since we were so early for boarding the ferry, we got front row seats!

It was about a 3 hour ride. We had exceptionally nice weather - it was a very smooth crossing with beautiful views.

Since it would be dark by the time we got off the ferry, we booked an RV park in Picton for the night. It was only a few minutes drive from the ferry terminal so there was no worries about making their 10pm deadline. We could get a good night's sleep and ready for the trek to Abel Tasman Nat'l Park and Melinda's friend Makere, the next day.

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