Wednesday, February 20, 2019

West Coast of New Zealand and the Pancake Rocks

The west coast of New Zealand is known for its beauty. Rugged mountains coming down to the rough and tumble Tasman Sea.

The campground was right next to the beach and you could hear the crash of the powerful waves. The Tasman Sea hitting the west coast of  New Zealand is know for it's ferocity. We watched wave after wave and couldn't help but wonder, doesn't it ever get tired?

Just across the street from the campground is a beautiful walk along a river. It was lined with my favorites - Tree Ferns.
Jim always holds the door open for me!
The next morning, it was just a short drive to the visitor center for what they call Pancake Rocks. It was a fabulous walk along a half-mile path. A very popular place, lots of people, but because the path was a one-way loop, you didn't feel crowded. Excellent stop. 

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