Saturday, February 23, 2019

Geeks go to jail

After we turned in the motorhome and said goodbye to Melinda, we walked outside only to be greeted by a tall man in uniform, a constable, a member of the New Zealand Police force.
"I need to see your driver's license" he said
Already a bit dazed, and now totally confused, Jim complied and produced his Florida driver's license.
"Just as I thought," said the constable, "you don't have a New Zealand temporary driver sticker. You both will need to come with me."

Just kidding!

When researching a place to stay for a while in Christchurch, we looked at Airbnb, we also looked at Hostels. Sometimes referred to as Backpacker's Hostels, or just Backpackers, these are popular places for people to stay throughout New Zealand. When we found that an old Jailhouse had been converted to a hostel, well - we had to check it out, so we checked in.
It was great! For $82NZD (about $55USD) we had a private room with a double bed and TV, and shared a bathroom down the hall.
Our first room at the Jailhouse Accomodation
It clearly had been a jail in the past

The Wi-Fi was screaming fast, fibre optic. They had fun with the jailhouse theme!

We only stayed there one night the first time because we had reservations on the train to travel back across the Southern Alps.

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