Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Cary Tennis writer's workshop in Tuscany

I like to write, and I love how Cary Tennis is able to create the environment where I write, and write, and write. And it helps that it's in Italy!  A beautiful little ancient walled city called Castiglion Fiorentino. We were there for a previous workshop in 2017. Here are photos from both times. The town is behind us on the hill.

Same for me and Cary:
Our small group would sit down to write and Cary would first ask us to be quiet and meditate for a moment. I could hear birds singing, feel the sun, and listen to the voices in my head. One of them was my mother's. I ended up writing quite a bit about her.

Since I'm actually writing this long after we've been home, I can refer you to a speech I did for my Toastmaster's club about Italy and the writing class. It starts at the 20 minute point.

Drag the timeline to the 20 minute point to hear my speech
or click this link to go to YouTube at the exact right spot

And, here's the piece I wrote about Mom that I reference in the speech:

Don't fence me in
It wasn't all writing and seriousness, we had plenty of social time during the afternoons and at meals. At one dinner, Cary brought his guitar and entertained us. I couldn't believe it when he started playing Don't Fence Me In. That was my moms theme song when she was 8 years old and bed ridden with polio in 1940. She taught it to me and I adopted it as our theme song for RVing.

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