Monday, May 09, 2022

Right train, wrong train, no one cares

 I don't understand the business model of train travel. There's no one to check you in, there's rarely any signage on the train itself about it's destination or schedule. It's up to you to look up your destination and see what time and what platform your train will be on.

We were a little late into Naples, and therefore rushed, but I don't know if that made any difference. We studied the Departures electronic board and our train was not there yet, so we found a seat (on the floor - as the train station has no provision for waiting) Finally, we see our train number, headed for Rome and we do our best to find that platform. We approach someone at the gateway to the platforms, show him our tickets and he points - that way.

We got on the train that he pointed to, even though there was no identification, and got settled. We really like train travel. It's so comfortable. You can just sit and watch the view go by. And, it flew by. We were on our way to Rome! For our first time. After 30 minutes or so, an attendant came by to check our tickets. Jim showed her his phone and she looked confused. She said, Italo, pointing to the screen. Uh, so what's Italo? Well, come to find out it's another train company. The train we were on was run by TrenItalia, not Italo. The tickets we bought were for Italo. Ooops. We asked "Is this train going to Rome?" She said, "Yes." So, Ok, what now? She shrugged and walked off - we didn't see her again. 

We made it to Rome.

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