Thursday, May 05, 2022


When the taxi dropped us off at our hotel we stood on the sidewalk for a while, looking around for a sign for Bovio Modern Suite. We saw none. hmmm, I remember this hide and seek from the last time in Europe. Sometimes there is a little door (the one for people), inside a big door (the one for cars), and once you're thru it you see a big courtyard and lots more doors. We opened one such door and went wandering around - still no sign for Bovio. We went back out to the sidewalk and Jim scoured the walls until he found a phone panel with a button for Bovio. He pressed it and someone answered! We heard a buzzer in a nearby door and we opened it and went thru. Shortly a woman appeared at the end of the courtyard and waved us in. Here is what it looked like from the inside as we went out the next day. The light you see in the distance is the doorway back out to the street. It's very Harry Potter-ish, a neighborhood inside another neighborhood.

And, here's what our room looked like

The breakfast room. 
We made good use of our one evening and next morning in Naples.  Wine ... check,  Gelato ... check, pizza... check. 

We're so happy that we learned to pack light. All we have is our little carry on suitcases so it's pretty easy to walk around, even on these rough cobblestone streets and wheel them behind us. If needed we can even wear them as backpacks.

The Geeks are in Europe! Naples, Italy to be more precise.

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