Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Cooking class

One evening, during the writer's workshop, Cary arranged for our group to visit a Giuseppina who teaches cooking classes. We all fit into 2 cars and drove just about 5 miles to her house. 

It was a beautiful place. Giuseppina greeted us outside with a glass of Proseco, and we wandered around her garden for a while before going inside.

Here are the few notes I took about the class:
Fresh local ingredients. Chicken from down the road, tomato sauce made from her tomatoes, pork from local pigs. Sliced thin, cured like salami, added salt and fresh herbs. Served on bread
Batter for eggplant or any veg: flour and seltzer water salt and pepper - like Tempura. She battered giant sage leaves then deep fried in sunflower oil. 

Then, we all sat down in her exquisite dining room and ate our handiwork.

Here is a little movie that I made with Google Photos about the evening:

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