Friday, May 06, 2005


No trip to Golden Colorado is complete without a tour of the Coors Brewery. They really have their act together. In addition to their most popular beer, Coors Light (isn't that redundant?), Coors also makes Killian's Red - I like that one. And Blue Moon. And one that only comes from the local microbrewery at Coors Field is called 'Barmen'. Also known as 7 minute beer because it takes 7 minutes to pour. They don't serve this on the Coors tour, but we found it at the Old Capitol Grill restaurant. I REALLY liked that one. "Malting" is the process of making the barley sprout, then roasting it and grinding it. Coors has been around since the late 1800s - they survived the prohibition years by selling Malted Milk! Green beer? Nope, this is Coors' malt beverage - Zima - I tried the green apple and Jim tried the Orange. Tastes exactly like soda pop ... but with 5.9% alcohol. They are very proud of their flowers here. With good reason.

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Thanks Jim! The story really came alive with your insights! ;-))