Saturday, May 14, 2005

Friday the 13th Haircut

I was determined to get my hair cut and colored while we were here, so I made an appointment for the first day that we were not scheduled for a seminar - Friday. This is always a scary thing when you travel - getting a haircut from yet another new person. 'Haircut Roullette' as Lynne and Frankie say. But, I didn't realize until I was there that the day was Friday the 13th! Oh well. Jim was still helping folks in the park with their computers. So I took the car and went into town. I take old photos of when I liked my haircut and color samples too. She didn't do too bad. I would have liked a little *more* color and a little *more* cut, but hey! Thats' a lot better than the other way around. Whaddaya think?


Anonymous said...

Hey, It sure beats the *bald* spot on the photo above!

Anonymous said...

Chris is a hottie!