Friday, May 06, 2005

Clouded Memories

About thirty years ago, a couple of friends and I made a road trip from NJ to Golden, Colorado. The purpose of the trip was to visit the Coors Brewery. Some of you may remember, at that time, Coors was not sold east of the Mississippi. We wanted to experience the brew first-hand. We set out just after midnight from the Jersey Shore. Thirty six hours later, we were in the parking lot at Coors. It was snowing. Their clocks said 9:30 am. Our clocks were not functioning by this time. We were early for the tour, so we had a couple of beers while we waited. I'm sure we enjoyed the tour because I have pictures somewhere to prove it. After the tour, we had several more beers and they said we should go. We retired to the parking lot where we found enough snow to have a snowball fight. Again we were asked to leave. Fine. We found the Rockies, turned around and headed back to Jersey. At least, that is what I remember. Some might say it was a long way to go to get a beer. I think it was just about right. I still love a road trip.

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