Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Weather and Wheel covers

Here we are in North Platte Nebraska, working at a Coach Connect park called Holiday Park. When we got here it was a warm, beautiful day. We really need to wash our rig and most RV parks don't let you do that. I'm really not quite sure why - use too much water, make too much of a mess or something - but here they said 'no problem', just make sure to get as much of the water on the grass as possible! We really had a lot of work to do the first day - no time for washing. And, I don't think we'll get to it today, the weather has turned cold, windy and generally yukky. After our seminar this morning, we might take a drive back down the road we came and see if we can spot our lost wheel cover. There was a really rough stretch of highway just before getting here. It's SO ugly without it. And, they are hard to replace. We know, we've already done it once. We had to buy them in the complete set of 4.

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