Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We found our 2d Geocache

Where DOES the time go? I sat down at the computer to read my email at about 7:30 yesterday morning, and the next thing I knew it was 11pm and time to go to bed. I never told you about Sunday. What does it take to get us away from our computers? Another computer of course. This is Jim's handheld GPS. It's pretty old by gadget standards. Jim got it years ago to help us find dive spots in the ocean when we were kayaking. So, we went to www.geocaching.com to look for something nearby. It's like a high-tech treasure hunt. We saw a listing for one in Buffalo Bill's Ranch aka Scout's Rest Ranch. Buffalo Bill and the original Wild West show are from North Platte doncha know. So, off we go ... We started on a nice trail. The GPS showing us the way. But quickly we had to take off cross country. It was marshy in spots. I was afraid we were going to lose Odie in the tall grasses. We wandered around for awhile. The GPS showed that we were *real* close, but we didn't see anything but trees. It was easy to get discouraged, since we haven't been so successful in the past. But this time we perservered, and soon I heard a shout from Jim, "I FOUND IT!" One of the things inside is a pen and a log book, so we can sign and prove that we actually did find it. Then those results are posted on the website. Cool stuff. And it got us out and about North Platte in Buffalo Bill country. Here's the Platte River. Ok, back to work. I mean me ... but maybe I mean you too!

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