Sunday, May 01, 2005

Still Snowing

Today is May 1. Doesn't that mean spring? Green grass and flowers and stuff like that? Here's what we see. I'm sure glad we have WiFi here because the dish ain't workin' so good! Here's Odie. What do you suppose he's thinking? Of course, we're here to do our WiFi seminars. Yesterday we only had one person show up - even tho we see at least a dozen people using the system. I guess it just works so well that nobody has any questions? That one person sure appreciated the individual help! Then our staff session was great - they kept us going with questions for a full 2 hours. That's the best anyway - cuz then the staff can help the users who come and go. We're going to stay inside our nice cozy motorhome today - till our next seminar this afternoon anyway. Happy Mayday.

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