Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It stopped snowing, the sun is out, the birds are singing

We finally ventured out of our cozy shell. We also moved to another park in downtown Golden - Clear Creek RV Park. What a nice little town. Except for that ugly big factory with the smokestacks ... ooops, that's the Coors brewery. Coors is what puts Golden on the map, and apparently they are a very good community citizen. They also give a great 1.5 hour tour with free beer. You can bet we'll do that - as soon as we finish our seminars tomorrow. Jim tells a great story of a road trip when he was 21 ... at that time, they didn't sell Coors east of the Mississippi - so it was kinda special to him and his friends in LBI, New Jersey. 3 guys took off in Jim's truck and, after 36 straight hours of driving, they toured the Coors brewery. Then they drove home with a couple of cases. Here's Jim standing with a statue of Adolph Coors. The Clear Creek RV park feels more like a campground. There are only 31 sites and it's right on the banks of this beautiful creek. And, this creek is developed as a course for kayaks!I hope we get to see a kayak in the water before we leave. No, we're not going to try this with our Ocean Kayak! Ocean Kayaks are meant for just that - oceans - not for quick maneuvers. Ok, back to our computer work ... Isn't this a great t-shirt for Jim? Thanx Frankie!

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Gypsy John said...

I need about six of those shirts for my Computer Tech friends

Now Jim and that statue look the SAME person!