Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Peace and Quiet

Jim and I can sleep anywhere. It's a good thing because lots of RV parks are right next to highways and railroads - it doesn't seem to bother us. BUT, I have sure noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep the last couple nights. It is SO quiet here. The peacefulness permeates you. It's really pretty too. Here's our morning walk down to Little Elkhart Lake. This looks like such a fun place for families in the summertime. The park has been here 30 years. I'll bet there are kids, who are adults now, with memories of many summers here. And, the nearby town of Plymouth is so quaint and picturesque. We went geocaching again to get us out and about for a couple hours. This is a neighborhood ski slope in the wintertime. We must be getting better at this! We found the geocache in a record 20 minutes! So, we decided to explore the area a little further by car. Just north of the park is a delightful town called Elkhart Lake. Here's the lake - this area is a private beach. The tulips are spectacular. Nature is such an exquisite artist! Enough ... back to work. We gave our WiFi seminar in the evening.

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