Saturday, May 28, 2005

Internet by Cell Phone

Before leaving Wisconsin, I took one more picture I want you to see. I think this is Trillium - and it brightens up the forest just like beams of sunshine. Traveling isn't always beautiful. Driving thru and around Chicago took forever and our only view was of trucks! And, what is this?!? Some kind of open pit mine. It was on both sides of the highway - I thought we'd wandered onto a movie set of some post-nuclear war reality. Now, we're back in beautiful nature, at Twin Mills Camping Resort in Howe, Indiana. This is a real family camping place and it is filling up for the Memorial day weekend. The Wi-Fi here is only available at the clubhouse and nearby sites. It's a big place and we are quite a ways from the clubhouse, so WiFi is not available. We're surrounded by trees and the satellite dish couldn't lock on to the satellite. So, it's on to 'Plan C' - for cell phone. Luckily, there is some cell phone signal here. Not much - but, with the external antenna, there is enough. We just got new phones, so of course, our Mobile Office Kit for our old phones doesn't work. Jim found a Verizon store about 20 miles away and picked us up a new kit. On our plan, there is no extra charge for using the phones for Internet Access, but you do use minutes. So, nights and weekends is the only time I'm comfortable using it. To read more about using your cell phone for Internet Access, there's a great forum on Yahoo. Hey! If you gotta have Internet on the road, you better have Plan A, Plan B, AND Plan C.

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