Monday, October 30, 2006

Fredericksburg Wine and Austin Bicycling

After leaving the Rally in Kerrville we needed to come back to Austin for our mail pickup. As we were passing thru Fredericksburg it was lunchtime and we decided to stop. Unknown to us it was a very special Saturday: We not only got some yummy food and wine, but were able to replace the wine glasses I recently broke. The best part was these cool wine glass holders: What a handy way to walk around, be able to eat and not worry about dropping your wine glass! Fredericksburg is also known for it's shops. I just loved the colorful boots. For Austin, we decided to stay at our favorite downtown RV park for a couple nights - Pecan Grove. This park is very convenient to the Town Lake Hike and Bike trail. And, what a gorgeous weekend it was. Hundreds of people use this trail. There were people walking, jogging, alone, in pairs, with dogs, without dogs, pushing baby carriages, biking, sitting on the shore and paddling or rowing in the water. It just gave you the feeling that all is right with the world!

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Web said...

Love your post on the Town Lake Trail. Certainly, this has long been a recreational gem for the people of Austin - and it may soon be getting even better.

For some time now, there's been talk of extending the trail along the lake (on the "dotted line" section where it currently veers away); however, recent events suggest that a solution may be coming soon. Neither Austin nor the County have the funds to run the path over water at this time but it looks like some agreement is possible to have the trail run along the lake shore.

Larry Lagarde
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