Saturday, December 04, 2021

Artsy friends

 I've been friends with Marie since before I knew Jim. She was president of the USA Dive club at the time, a club that we both still belong to. She was a college professor and a professional city planner, so it was a surprise when she started painting. Who knew she was artistic. She's really good. I bought one of her paintings several years ago and it has a place of honor on our living room wall. I love how it seems to shine a light all of its own.

So, when she sent out a notice that she was participating in an art show and sale this weekend, Jim and I made plans to go. It was about an hour drive, so we took the van. It's good to give it exercise and it's just so comfortable. Marie said the art show was just around the corner from a great park with nice biking trails, so Jim put the bike rack on the back so we could go riding after.

What a cool spot. This is the studio where Marie paints with a group of other artists once every week. And, who is this? Two other dive club members, Kathi and Patrice, also came to the art show.

Kathi's purchase

Our purchase

Then we drove over to the Riverbend Park, had a little lunch and went for a bike ride. We really do need to plan for a kayak paddle up here sometime soon. The kayak rental is right there. Find all the details at

The bike trails were beautiful. We had to cut our ride a bit short because my bike's chain kept falling off. ...Add to list: get bike tuned up

I had fun with my new camera. Here is a little video using the new "Director's view" that lets me take a video with the main rear camera while at the same time recording myself in the front-facing camera and having it show up picture-in-picture.

I also grabbed a few telephoto shots of the beautiful white Egret. If you've ever tried to capture a photo of an egret actively fishing, you know how slow they can be. I put the camera on video and watched for over 2 minutes as the bird s l o w l y moved forward and never did strike. This photo is take by using the Motion Photo feature. If you don't know what that is, see Episode 223 of our "What Does This Button Do?" show. The key is that you just take a picture like normal, but the camera captures a couple seconds of motion BEFORE you snap the shutter. So, I could wait until I saw the egret strike, quick snap the shutter, and it gets the whole thing in motion. Then, the final step is that I can export it to an animated gif file. Pretty cool dontcha think?

And this photo shows how far away I was. I used the 10X telephoto to get the photo above.

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