Thursday, December 02, 2021

I have a healthy husband

 Back in 2013-14 we went on a very strict, doctor-led diet. I lost 20 pounds and Jim lost over 70. 8 years later now, and we've kept it off. It made a huge difference in Jim's health. Before the weight loss, he was on several medications for cholesterol and high blood pressure. All of them went by the wayside when he lost the weight and, to this day I look at him and marvel. 

My husband is mighty fine!

We now have a checkup once each year and we both get compliments from the doctor on our blood pressure and the results of our bloodwork! The last checkup showed a small abnormality in his EKG so he had an appointment with the cardiologist today. They re-tested him and could find nothing wrong. I have a healthy husband! It's a good thing, because we have lots of travel plans.

Do you think I went too far though, commissioning this statue to him over at the Ringling Art gallery in Sarasota?

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