Monday, December 06, 2021

Newsletter Deadline and 2021 Calendar

 I've been writing a monthly newsletter for 29 of the last 38 years! From 1983-96 it was for my Fort Lauderdale-based computer training firm, Computer Savvy. From 2006 to present it's for Geeks on Tour. 

I am obligated to write a newsletter every month. It should be done on the first. That rarely happens. Today is the 6th. As of this morning, the newsletter was not done. Nobody would notice, nobody would care, if I missed a month ... or 2 ... or 3. But I would. It's what I do.

So I did.

It got sent out today. Here it is: Dec 2021 News: Samsung S21 Ultra – Surprise, Google Photos, Smartphone settings, more…

I love photos.  I start every newsletter with a current photo or other image. It's been on my list to make an album of all these photos. I figure I'll put a few here and see what it looks like. Kinda like a calendar then, here are the photos from each month in 2021:

  • January 2021

  • February 2021

  • March 2021

  • April 2021

  • May 2021

  • June 2021

  • July 2021

  • August 2021

  • September 2021

  • October 2021

  • November 2021

  • December 2021

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