Monday, April 25, 2005

Arches National Park

Yesterday (Sunday) was a cold drizzly day. We just stayed home and did computer stuff, reading, grocery shopping etc. Today looks like it will be the same ... in the 50s. But, that's OK, I haven't shown you the rest of the photos from Saturday! After that great hike, we took a drive thru Arches National Park, then we took Odie home and went back to Arches at sunset time - 8pm. Arches is primarily a chunk of desert ... if you happen to be looking east, you see a chunk of the Rockies (La Sal mountains actually) in the background. Then there are the rock formations. These are called the 'Three Gossips'. Then there's the formations AND the mountains. Then there's the arches! I like the photo above showing you the 'stairway to heaven'. But, you have no idea how big this arch is without some people in the picture for perspective. Can you see the person in this one? That little white speck in the lower right corner? And, here's another one. That's me,that red speck in the lower right. How wonderful it was to be here at 8pm. The temperature was delightful, in the low 70s. Very few people there compared to earlier in the afternoon. We went back for sunset but there were too many clouds in the west. But, hey, what's this? The moon ... it's coming up. As we started to walk back to the car, we caught the moonglow behind the arch. oooohhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhh

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures give a great perspective of the size. Have seen many Arches pictures but did not relize they were so HUgE.
Do you think Jerry will be able to get to see any - he can not hike and needs to use his power wheelchair? or drive and view?
Gloria and Jerry