Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Ice in Bryce is Very Nice

What a remarkable day. Today was beyond what I dreamed when I was dreaming of living on the road. I couldn't conceive of having a job that we could both work from our motorhome and then be in such exotic places. We started out today doing our 'normal' work. Phone calls, email and some computer database work. Then we took off about 1pm and visited 2, count 'em ... 2, National Parks today. Zion and Bryce. We decided to take the car to visit Bryce rather than stopping there with the RV later. That way we avoid driving the motorhome on the steep twisted roads and thru the narrow 1.5 mile tunnel. We took Odie with us today even thought he's not allowed on any National Park trails. We figured we'd be in the car most of the time and then just stop at the scenic overlooks. It worked out well. Here's the tunnel. If you're in a motorhome, you have to pay a $10 fee and have an escort because you'll only be able to drive thru the middle. We planned on seeing spectacular sights today. What we didn't count on is **snow**. Bryce Canyon National Park isn't a canyon at all, but a very high ridge with spectacular views. Odie didn't even seem to notice the snow - even tho this was the first time he'd ever seen it. The formations at Bryce were phenomenal: But the fact that we could see all the surrounding land for miles and miles and miles was what really struck me. A little photo in this blog just won't cut it, so click on the link to see a 'stitched' panorama. stitch%20hoodoos.jpg Gotta have one photo to prove we were really there! Jim and I switched roles today ... I drove and he took the pictures. I guess he thought I'd never let him have the camera again ... he took 112 pictures today. So, here's one more!

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