Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What it's all about

The stuff that dreams are made of ... These last couple days are what I dreamed of when I dreamed of life on the road. Happening on a place that you like, and staying a few days. Here is where we are. Number 787. This map comes from the Datastorm Users group. I try to keep it updated whenever we move. So you can always see exactly where we are here. We got here Monday evening. Now it's Wednesday and we haven't moved on yet because, well, because we haven't moved on yet! It has been so pleasant here. Only a handful of other RVs. Good water and electric hookups, good satellite Internet, warm weather. So, we get up Tuesday morning and say ... wanna stay another day? Ok. Get up Wednesday morning ... wanna stay another day? Ok. Maybe we'll leave tomorrow. and maybe we won't.

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