Sunday, April 17, 2005


This National Park needs to be on the top of everyone's Must-See list. It feels kinda like Yosemite, a spectacular valley with mountains on either side. These aren't really mountains though. On the top - it's a fairly flat plateau. Zion was formed by an uplifting plateau and then erosion carving down. When you're in the bottom of the canyon - you are looking up at rugged mountains. To ease the impact of millions of tourists - you aren't allowed to drive in the canyon. There are shuttles every few minutes, very convenient. Massive Rocks! Irresistable to mountain climers. I took these photos thru the open skylights on the shuttle. Look closely for the little dots that are people climbing this rockface. We prefer the much tamer "Riverside Walk". We took the shuttle to the north end of the canyon. I was here once before, about 12 - 15 years ago. Remember that, Chris L? When we reached the end of the canyon then, you could walk in the river up into the narrows. Not now. There is lots of water and it is running powerfully. And ... it's FREEZING cold. I waded out just a couple feet to take this photo and I swear my feet were numb for 10 minutes. It's a very nice walk. There are lots of walks along the side of the canyon along the shuttle route and we really wanted to do more. But, we also really wanted to relax at home and read our books. That is something that I see so many RVers do - and we just don't do enough of it. Since we were celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the road, living our dream - we decided to do exactly what we felt like doing!

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