Friday, April 08, 2005

Girls' Weekend

One of the reasons we've tarried this long in the Las Vegas area is that my old friend Melinda made arrangements to fly in for this coming weekend. In years past we've been known to fly to one coast or the other in order to go to a seminar together, spend a week at a spa in Napa, or just visit each other at home for a few days. I figured if she could manage to fly into Vegas, I could certainly manage to hang around a few extra days and meet her. She made reservations at the Luxor hotel ... in the Pyramid section! I hope to get a massage ... soak in a jacuzzi ... drink at the fancy bar ... get room service. And, spend hours and hours just talking. Jim and Odie will stay in the motorhome just a couple miles away. Byeeee


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't leave poor Jim and Odie. How would you feel if they left you?

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Live it up.

Gloworm said...

I am looking to visit a spa when we are in Napa, in about a month. Where did you visit and do you recommend it?
Gloria , still in FL

Gloworm said...
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