Sunday, April 03, 2005

s i c k

Jim was sick early in the week. We thought for sure it was something he ate because he was violently ill for 4-6 hours and then in agony for another day and a half. I was patting myself on the back for having such a strong constitution as to avoid this illness - or maybe just the good luck to not eat what he did. Wrong. It must have been some kind of 24-48 hour flu bug because it hit me Friday afternoon. And, when I say 'hit' I don't mean like a tap on the shoulder. It was more like a sledgehammer that put me out ... dead to the world ... until just about an hour ago. Jim had to do 2 seminars yesterday all by himself. Sorry Jim. Or maybe it was my punishment for telling lies?! Just in case you haven't figured it out - that April 1 post was not true ... darn! Anyway, I'm glad that we were settled in such a nice spot - here in Terribles Lakeside RV Park. We've been in the desert so long, all this grass is a real treat. Pahrump is still in the desert, but apparently there is a huge aquifer up here. In fact, the name 'Pahrump' comes from the paiute words for Rock and Water. And, in case you've wondered, 'Terribles' comes from the history of the owner Ed 'Terrible' Herbst. Other business owners thought it was just 'Terrible' how he could offer more for less and make them look bad. Odie likes the grass too. I think I'm going back to bed now. I may be alive, but not very lively.

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