Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Catch-up Day

We left Zion yesterday a little befuddled as to what our route should be. Our first stop was in the nearest city so we could get oil changes in both the motorhome and the car. Then we wanted to head in the general direction of Capital Reef NP. The people at the garage convinced us that any of the 'scenic routes' went over high passes and we may encounter snow. So, we decided to play it safe and take the Interstates. Still pretty scenery: We found a funky/practical RV park right about where we wanted to stop. Hey! Not every site can be in the awesome beauty of someplace like Zion! In fact, we need places like this where we are not compelled to go out and explore. That way we can get some work done! Come 1pm today and we were still both deep in work - so we're even staying another night. Besides, the 'convenience store' is, well, convenient!

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