Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Las Vegas and Beyond

I had a wonderful weekend. I got my 'fix' of girl-talk. Melinda and I really did talk for the better part of 58 hours! What a treat to spend time with someone you've known for over 27 years. It's important to keep up with people like that! You don't want to have to cover 12 years at a stretch! Much better to catch up once every year or two! Sunday afternoon, I asked Jim to come pick us up and we all went to Red Rock Canyon. A spectacular sight, just outside of Las Vegas. I wonder how it got it's name?! In addition to the extraordinary RED rock, it is also a spectacular valley. We took a little walk, and reveled in the warmth of the sun when you could get out of the wind. Other than that one foray into nature on Sunday afternoon, we either stayed in our room (geez, how I love room service!) or we partook in the sights of Las Vegas. This picture is a little blurry, but, then again, I'd say it's pretty accurate! After leaving Melinda this morning, we packed up the motorhome to get back on the road. We studied the map and decided on a destination about an hour and a half away. A town called Overton. When we reached the RV Park, we saw a big sign in the window saying 'No Pets'. Well .. we didn't like the looks of the park anyway! So there! We kept on going and just took our chances. We entered Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We knew that there would be places to park, but we really needed to have electricity, that appeared an unlikely prospect. But, hey, it was still light. We could afford the time to go to the end of the road and turn back if needed. What we found was just perfect. Wide open spaces ... peace and quiet (we were in the airport's flight pattern in Las Vegas). Not only is there electricity here, but if you look closely, you'll see cell phone towers! We haven't had phone service this good since ??? Hey Melinda! Check out this moon we have tonight.

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