Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Our Seminars

This really is what we love doing best - giving seminars. And what a great, cozy spot we had too. We had the luxury of some extra time while at Terribles Lakeside RV Park, so we offered four different seminars. And, what a great opportunity this is to meet people! Along with our presentation, audience questions, demonstrations, and hands-on. We also have a 2-page handout with each seminar. I'm going to post these here for anyone who may be interested. I'm not sure how much sense they'll make without all the presentation that goes on around them, but anyone who wants them (for personal use only please) is welcome. All About WiFi with CoachConnect All About Email on the Road Practice Safe Computing Digital Photos: From the Camera to the Web These are Adobe Acrobat files, you will need Acrobat reader. It is a free download from www.adobe.com Take it from George, who attended all four ... This is good stuff. These seminars will make you smarter and better looking too!

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