Sunday, June 08, 2008

Every RVer Needs a Blog

We're here at ABC campground in Branson, Missouri. We'll be here for a week attending the RV-Dreams rally and giving computer seminars. When we pulled in yesterday, we immediately received a warm greeting from Howard and Linda Payne who are the organizers of this rally. They keep a daily blog, as well as a website with all sort of detailed information for RVers and RVer wannabes. I especially like their forum, where they have developed a community of RVers getting to know each other. I believe this rally is happening as a result of that forum.

As I was reading Howard's blog entry from yesterday, I was struck by how he could introduce you to everyone here by linking to their blog! How cool is that? He doesn't have to tell you anything about each person, he can let them introduce themselves through their blogs. And, we get to know each other through our blog names. For example, the names Ginger and Jesse don't ring a bell to me, but their blog, "Kram-a-Lot-Inn" I'm pretty sure I've run across!

If you've followed us for any length of time, you know that one of the seminars we teach is called 'Every RVer Needs a Blog.' We've taught this seminar to hundreds of folks at FMCA rallies, RV parks, and other rallies around the country. It makes me feel good to know that lots of RVers out there have a blog because we showed them how. I've also heard from many people who couldn't attend one of our live seminars, but they learned how to make a blog by watching our Tutorial Videos. Many of them have listed themselves on our Blog List. Warning!! Don't go to that list unless you have many hours to spare! And, if you want even more, check out There's no better way to get the flavor for this lifestyle than to read a few blogs.

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There is a RV blog directory at