Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It's a short trip from being grateful to being somewhat pissed off. I felt very grateful that whatever was wrong gave us plenty of warning with the 'check engine' light and the heat guage. Jim simply pulled off the road and turned the engine off. We were OK. I was also grateful that we had Emergency Road Service. We picked up our cell phones, called them, and within a couple hours we were being towed to an RV park. What would we have done before cell phones?

I was also grateful to be in an RV. We cranked up the generator and turned on the 'house' air conditioning while we waited to be towed. We were quite comfortable. Because of our Emergency Road Service, the tow didn't cost us anything.

Then ... a repair service was supposed to be out to see us 'in the morning.' I took that to mean around 9am. If it was just a broken belt, which we felt sure it was, it should be a quick job and we'd be on our way. Well, they didn't get there till almost noon, and at 2:30 the new belt still wasn't operational. They said they would send someone out ... I guess we need to ask next time to send someone who knows what they're doing! Here's Jim trying to help.

We finally did get back on the road a little after 3. The service call cost us $232. The night in the RV park cost $32. Within a couple miles of driving we passed a big Camping World with several service bays. Geez, why couldn't they have towed us there? And, within another few miles we passed the Orlando Thousand Trails - where we could have stayed for free. And Jim saw several auto parts stores nearby. I heard him muttering, 'I should have done it myself.'

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say, and I am still grateful that we are OK. The engine performed flawlessly to get us to our satellite customer, and then on to my Dad's house last night (arriving at 9pm). BUT, the vehicle air conditioning didn't work at all. aaarrrggghhhh So, we're taking the rig to a shop here in Dunnellon today. That could be a big $ item.

I think the lesson to be learned about Emergency Road Service is that, once the emergency is over - meaning we're towed off the highway - we should consider all our options for further service. At that point you don't need to blindly accept what's offered. Live and learn. Or, is it live and make mistakes, and live and make more mistakes?

Check out what was right next door to the RV park ... a Buddhist temple. Maybe we should have prayed?

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Mark Furukawa said...

Considering the quality of service you received, it's a pity your photo doesn't show the company name that's surely painted on the side of the truck (even if you're too polite to mention names).