Monday, June 30, 2008

Fireflies and floods

I am fascinated with fireflies! I've never seen so many as there are here in Hannibal, Missouri. Magic stardust in the forest!

We had about a 3 hour drive today - through more pastoral Missouri farmland.

Then we hit the rain. Our destination was the Mark Twain Caves campground in Hannibal Missouri. It's right by the Mississippi river, so we called ahead to be sure they weren't flooded. They told us everything was fine, so here we are. Good thing our turn is right here!

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Michael Lockridge said...

My wife was delighted to see real fireflies on her last visit to Texas. She loved the ones on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. So much so that she found a website by the man who made them. They are going out in the yard right now.

Glad the flood didn't hold you up. I am enjoying your adventure and thank you again for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Growing up in Hannibal was almost a mystical time looking back now. Because going through the cave so many times, I think I could recite the tour guid's talk even now! And yes I miss the "lightin' bugs" as I called them growing up. Just don't get them out here in the desert of Phoenix.
Enjoy your travels. Glad you two liked my town!